Download the abstracts for Copenhagen 2014 below

Adam Andrzejewski-Unconscious-Everyday-and-TVseries psychoanalysis in our time abstract

Agnieszka Piotrowska Forbidden Desire in Doris Lessing’s classic The Grass is Singing

Anna Ioannou – Re-presenting versus creating the world . The politics of our thinking

Anna Ioannou – UnFamiliar Places Synopsis

Annie Hardy Abstract and Biography for Psychoanalysis Conference

Arthur Eaton Nostalgia abstract (1)

B. Lessard.Unrepresentable Bruno Blessard abstract

Carin Franzén NSU abstract

Charis Kontou Abstract & Bio for Denmark

cinematic construction of the female serial killer Abstract Rachel Cohen

Dany Nobus: Human by False Representation?

Dany Nobus: Syncope and Fractal Liminality: Angelopoulos’ Voyage to Cythera and the Representation of Borders as Littorals

Dr Ben Tyrer Unrepresentable abstracts – Trauma without a Subject

Francois SauvagnatOn Three Kinds of Irrepresentability in Psychoanalysis

Goran Vranesevic – Pointing at the Other (abstract)

Katrine Zeuthen Sexuality between fantasy and reality abstract

Laura A Cariola Abstract Psychoanalysis in Our Time (1)

Mairead Hanrahan Copenhagen repeating the unrepresentable in fiction

Marie Hagelskjær abstract Traces of the unrepresentable

Meghan Horvath, A seduction film, abstract

Nicholas Muellner_this book has no pictures abstract

Pia Hylen abstract – Desire

Per Roar Embodying an unfinished story of grieving as a griefscape abstract

Pietro Bianchi Looking with no eyes

Pinar Post-traumatic Cinema abstract

Raya Morag abstract perp t Psychoanalysis Perpetrator’s trauma

Rene Rasmussen abstract

REPRESENTING the UN abstract John Miller

Representing Trauma Pheasant-Kelly

Sandra Meiri & Odeya Kohen-Diazcinema fantasy subjectivization abstract

Seduction film by Meghan Horvath, abstract.

Steffen Krüger_ Abstract – UGC_interpassivity_ideology

SveinThe roots and The Web abstract

The Poetics of Maternal Loss in THE MIRROR Helena Basil-Morozow

The Reenactment Kirsten Klercke

Ursula Troche abstractpsychoanalys other trauma race ut.

YaELLE Malpertu About absolute inadequacy