Current coordinators:

AgnieszkaPiotrowska-200bAgnieszka Piotrowska, PhD, a theorist and an award winning documentary filmmaker, best known for her acclaimed film Married to the Eiffel Tower.  She is the author of Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film (2013) (Routledge, and Reader in Film Practice and Theory , Media Arts, University of Bedfordshire, UK.




BenTyrer-4Ben Tyrer, PhD, teaches Film Studies at King’s College London. His research interests are in the relationship between psychoanalysis and cinema ( He is the author of the forthcoming monograph Out of the Past: Lacan and Film Noir, and co-editor of the collection Psychoanalytic Approaches to Representing the Unrepresentable (Routledge, 2016). He has also published work in Film-Philosophy and Studies in French Cinema, as well as several collections on psychoanalysis and culture.





Former coordinators:

René Rasmussen, PhD, Associate Professor, INSS, KUA, Copenhagen, DK, and Lacanian psychoanalyst. He is an author of numerous books and papers on psychoanalysis inside and outside  the clinic.

Anna Ioannou, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, accredited by BPC. Her background is in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy and her main interest is Film and Politics.  She has recently been awarded an MA in Animation and has completed a mixed media film on Documenting Psychoanalysis.

Anna and René, along with Agnieszka, organised the 2014 Winter and Summer sessions.