Fran Pheasant-Kelly

Fran Pheasant-Kelly is MA Course Leader, Reader in Film and Television Studies, and Co-Director of the Film, Media, Discourse and Culture Research Centre at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Her research centres on fantasy, 9/11, abjection, and space, which form the basis for two books Abject Spaces in American Cinema: Institutions, Identity and Psychoanalysis in Film (Tauris, 2013) and Fantasy Film Post 9/11 (Palgrave, 2013). Other recent publications include ‘Strange Spaces: Cult Topographies in Twin Peaks’ in Marisa Hayes and Franck Boulegue (eds.) Fan Phenomena – Twin Peaks, (Intellect, 2013), ‘Class, Loss, Space: Reframing Secrets and Lies’, in Marc DiPaulo and Bryan Cardinale-Powell (eds.) Devised and Directed by Mike Leigh (Bloomsbury, 2013), ‘Institutional Settings, Identity and Insanity: Abject Spaces in Shutter Island’ in New Review of Film and Television (2012); and ‘Bewitching, Abject, Uncanny: Other Spaces in the Harry Potter Films’ in Cynthia Hallett and Peggy Huey (eds.) J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter (New Casebooks) (Palgrave, 2012).