Marie Hagelskjaer Biographical paragraph


I am currently PhD scholar at the department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, affiliated with the research group Sexuality, Language and Gender and Center for Psychoanalysis. In my project I use a mixed methods approach utilizing statistical as well as qualitative data analysis, observations and clinical work, in constant dialogue with psychoanalytic concepts and theory. My research interest within the field of psychoanalysis and child sexual abuse stems from a long collaboration with associate professor Katrine Zeuthen, who also supervises my PhD project. In 2010 I received a scholarship to do research for a review of infantile sexuality and prevention of child sexual abuse. A work that has resulted in the: Zeuthen, K. & Hagelskjær, M. (2013): Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: Analysis and discussion of the field. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, vol 26, 6. I have participated in the development of the projective imagery Play Room in the period 2009-2013. My aim is to develop and broaden the understanding of theoretical concepts of infantile sexuality and sexual abuse. Hopefully my research will enrich the work of clinical psychologists with an assessment material that comes in dialogue with the unconscious parts of the psyche and render possible an analysis of this.