Psychoanalysis in Our Time will be holding the following sessions for the Nordic Summer University Summer Session 2017 at Minhauzena Unda in Saulkrasti, Latvia:
Saturday 29 July 2017
09.00-11.30: Agnieszka Piotrowska – Nasty Woman, Antigone, and the Neo-Femme Fatale (audio-visual presentation)
13.00-15.00: Ben Tyrer – Bruce, in Her Unbearable Splendour: On the Destiny of the Speaking Subject in Antigone and Dogtooth
Monday 31 July 2017
09.00-11.30: Collaboration with Circle 3 on Antigone (Agnieszka Piotrowska)
Elizabeth Hughes – Fate in Mythology and Culture: Norns, Moirai and Freud’s The Three Caskets
Charlotta Lund – The faces of Destiny – Miracles and disasters in the writing of Unica Zürn
We will be meeting downstairs in the foyer of the main conference building and making the presentations outside on the cafe terrace. All are welcome!