Psychoanalysis in Our Time Conference 2018: Psychoanalysis, Nationalism and Ideology

Sopot/University of Gdansk, 5th-7th October 2018


Please note, all events take place at the conference venue, Rewita Sopot (Korab) Ul. Kilinskiego 12, 81-772 Sopot, unless otherwise stated.


Abstracts can be read here:



09:45   Registration

10:15   Opening

10:30  Panel 1: Discourses of Capitalism

Michał Wróblewski – “Žižek as a critic of New Age”

Antoni Grzybowski – “Capitalism and Its Discontents. Culture of Narcissism as a symptom of Jacques Lacan’s ‘capitalist discourse’”

Kemal Güleç – “The Ideology of Enjoyment”

Teet Teinemaa – “‘We are all just on our own’: Ideology and freedom in Killing Them Softly

12:30   Lunch & travel to University of Gdansk

14:00  Alenka Zupančič Keynote: “Love your neighbor as yourself!?” [University of Gdansk]

15:55   Break  [University of Gdansk]

16:15 Repented (Agnieszka Piotrowska) screening, introduced by Miroslaw Przylipiak and followed by Q&A with Agnieszka Piotrowska and Thomas Elsaesser [University of Gdansk]

18:00   Book Launch with Thomas Elsaesser and Miroslaw Przylipiak, followed by drinks reception  [University of Gdansk]



09:30   Panel 2: Gender, Sexuality, Transference

Priyanka Verma – “Intersectionality and ideology in cinema and culture: An analysis of Parched (Sex and the Village: An Indian Version)”

Philip Højme – “An Exploration of the Homophobic Understanding of Fascist Ideology in Adorno – A Critical Reevaluation of Orthodox Freudian Understanding of the Homosexual”

Candela Potente – “Transference and Authority: Within and Beyond the Psychoanalytic Frame”

11:00   Break

11:20  Thomas Elsaesser Keynote: “The Ideologies and Ethics of Proximity: Neighbours, Guests and Strangers”

13:00   Lunch

14:00   Panel 3: Protest and Resistance

Cynthia Cruz – “The Anorexic Act of No as a Form of Resistance”

Martin Hall – “‘The inexistent of the world’: British Cinema, 1968 and the symptom”

Allister Mactaggart – “Is it the Real Thing? Ideology, Enjoyment and the Politics of the Symptom”

15:30   Break

16:00   Panel 4: Art, Performance, Myth

Justyna Wierzchowska – “Motherless Subjects and Mothered Selves: Psychoanalysis, Ideology, and the Maternal”

Kate Katafiasz – “Shorting the ‘Fake News’ Circuit with the Slovenian School: a dramatic approach”

Ewelina Topolska – “Fromm’s Concept of Necrophilia as a Key to Understanding Contemporary Political and Cultural Phenomena in Poland”

17:30   Close

19:30   Conference Dinner [Depart hotel 19:00]



09:30   Panel 5: Comedy

Emine Gulal Sahin – “(Un)Known Story of Hanzo: What Made (Un)Barred Subject of Kemalist Modernization Project So Popular in 1970s?”

Turker Sahin – “Politics of Recep Ivedik 5: Hero of Turkish Periphery Dominates Youth Olympics 2016; or How We Learned Stop Worrying and Enjoy Cheating”

Lucian Tion – “Farce or propaganda? The Shifting Role of Political Satire from Oh What a Lovely War to The Death of Stalin

Ben Tyrer – “The Sublime Object Revisited: Paranoia, Symmetry and Who Is America?

11:30   Break

12:00   Panel 6: (Post)Colonialism

Peter Makhlouf – “‘There is no such thing as the East’: The Lacanian Orientations of Edward Said”

Marita Vyrgioti – “On Being Eaten: Frantz Fanon and Racialised Phobias”

Charmaine Dambuza – “Psychoanalysis and Ideology: Analysis of the Novel Nervous Conditions

13:30   Lunch

14:30   Panel 7: Cinema/Body/Repetition

Seung-hoon Jeong – “Theorizing Community and Network: A Biopolitical Sexuation with Global Cinema”

Defne Tüzün – “A face to Face encounter: prostitute and the Capital”

Selin Celik – “‘Uncanny’ Children of War”

Julija Bonai – “The death drive, compulsion to repeat and nationalism explained from the perspective of desire”

16:30   Close