Raya Morag Short Bio


Raya Morag is an associate professor of cinema studies and head of the Smart Communication Institute at the Department of Communication & Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her research and publications deal with psychoanalysis, trauma, ethics, and cinema; New German Cinema; Vietnam War movies; Israeli and Palestinian second Intifada cinema; post-traumatic cinema, war and masculinity; perpetrator cinema; documentary cinema; and corporeal-feminist film critique.  She is the author of Defeated Masculinity: Post-Traumatic Cinema in the Aftermath of War (Peter Lang, 2009), The Defeated Male. Cinema, Trauma, War (Koebner Series, Jerusalem, and Resling, Tel Aviv, 2011) (Hebrew), and Waltzing with Bashir: Perpetrator Trauma and Cinema (I.B. Tauris, London and New York, 2013). Morag served as guest editor for a special issue of Studies in Documentary Film on Israeli cinema (April 2013). Morag is an artistic director of the Documentary Film Committee, the Rabinovich Fund for the Arts, Tel-Aviv. The Rabinovich Fund contributes considerable support to Israeli films.