Anna Ioannou – Re-presenting versus creating the world . The politics of our thinking

Anna Ioannou

Re-presenting versus creating the world. The politics of our thinking

Within this paper I will attempt to research the process of the mind while it re-presents, an existing, internal or external reality and contrast with the idea of the mind being able to sustain the idea of a void where contact with what is Real and Infinite becomes  possible.

I will turn to Wilfred Bion’s idea of O and becoming O, moving from the finite, conscious knowing phenomena to the infinite; becoming real, a process he describes as an area of catastrophic change.

I will look at the νοούμενα, (noumena), which is what can be known not via the senses but  through the mind’s access to ideas.

I will speak of Freud’s Project for a Scientific Psychology, his work on the Uncanny and Beyond the Pleasure Principle so as to trace his theories on the matter of the mind re- presenting reality for itself and contrary suggestions that hide within his theory.

Finally I will employ Cornilios Castoriadis’s,(a Greek economist, psychoanalyst and philosopher), ideas on autonomous versus heteronomous individuals and  societies, which can be utilised to understand that our process of re-presenting and understanding what is real and significant can determine our political systems and our future within them.