Meghan Horvath, A seduction film, abstract


Written & Directed by Meghan Horvath


Film Background

What idea is more seductive, challenging and elusive than intimacy with another human being? This is the idea I set out to explore on screen in Seduction, taking a look at intimacy in two different contexts – within a marriage and a psychoanalytic relationship.

Which relationship is more formal? Which more real? Is there an element of fantasy to every relationship of ours, and is the feeling of intimacy always an illusion?

These questions make up the backbone of this 2o minute drama.

Visually I wanted to create a natural atmosphere. Colours are not oversaturated and there is an interplay of shadow and light. The idea is that this taboo could play out in any of our lives.

When writing the script I tried to shy away from writing a dialogue-heavy film despite conversation being the centerpiece of both a marriage and a psychoanalytic session.

Sparse dialogue therefore required tremendous subtlety on the part of the actors and although they worked from a script, I encouraged improvisation. If something felt right that wasn’t scripted or the actors simply wanted to try something different in a take, then that was explored.

The sound design followed the naturalistic mood of the film and minimal, and original music was composed for the opening title sequence and for the end credits.