SveinThe roots and The Web abstract

The Roots and The Web: Abstract for the NSU event in Copenhagen.

If we stick to the metaphors from the world of botanics, transference belong to the realm of trees with roots in a vertical axis down the personal ontogenetic history, and at the group level down the sociogenetic  road of tradition and civilization processes.  Transference is acceptable also at the group level.  However  this way of representing the world, both the social and personal and definitely the secret one, is by and large excluding the influence from the moment of here and now. The horizontal axis which is changing the world at every moment in combination with the vertical axis of history, create constantly new identities as we can see on the web in the growing networks of the new social medias like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter to name some.

This presentation aims at a synthesis of the two axis in the understanding of social and cultural processes that will try to avoid the extended use of transference that often ends up in homologies that is applied on this fields by organismic conceptualization of them. One way of doing this is the application of network theories and the concept of different matrixes that we use in group analysis in combination with psychoanalytical concepts.  In large group processes I suggest the use of transposition and transfusion (Tjelta, 2011) instead of and in combination with the transference.

Transference is one of the four fundamental concepts in psychoanalysis (Lacan, 1981). However during the time past since Freud defined the concept it has taken up a place that can be said to be inflammatory to say the least.  Both within psychoanalytic theory and in other disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences there is an overgeneralization in the use of the concept, and in some connections it is elevated and given the status as a holy cow!